My Assignment: Questions/Answers

1). To you, what do meditating on God’s Word means?

To me, it means to sit aside time to read, think on scripture given by the Holy Spirit

2). Did you spend time with God today?

Yes I did! I try to do this every day, but sometimes I miss it, and my day is not as good as if when I do sit aside this time to spend with God and hear Him talk to me through His Holy Spirit.

3). Read Joshua 1:8; Joshua 1:8-9; Psalm 63:6, 119:148, and Isaiah 9:7

I have read the scriptures for this lesson. They blessed my soul

4). Which scriptures touched your heart the most, Explain

Joshua 1:8-9 always ministered unto me, because God encourage us all to be strong in Him, not in ourselves; we need His strength to get through our daily life each and every day. These words touches your heart!

5). Which one of God’s characters you mediated on today?

God’s faithfulness; “The faithfulness of God is true and has been proven many times. In the Holy Scriptures, we can see that God is faithful and His Word is true. Hebrews 6:18 says God cannot lie, nor can He break an unconditional promise that He says He will fulfill. Every covenant He made is kept. Every promise or foretelling has or will come true. Testimony after testimony of God’s faithfulness is certainly found throughout the Bible and is still given in testimonies by people today.

6). Name the three activities involved in meditation.

I love these three activities; Shut out the world, shut ourselves up to God, and focus our attention on a passage of scripture. Glory to God!

7). What do dedicating your mind means?

Philippians 2:5 say, “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus,” It means to have the mind of Christ, pray for God to give you this mind as you read and meditate on His Word. He will do this, I know! We are to be followers of Jesus in our mind too. Love and obey God.

8). Set quietly and mediate on Philippians 2:13. God gave me this scripture years ago, and I have meditated on it ever since. If we get this scripture in our hearts, then we are more than a conqueror, which is Christ Jesus our Lord, AMEN. For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” God is in control!!!



Setting aside a time: 8:05 AM-9:05 AM

I do try to sit aside time to spend with God each day, but sometimes I can’t, and when I do this is what I do!

Daily Exercises: Personal Time with God

Song: I song this song “Blessed Assurance”

Prayer: My prayer was for God to honored for His faithfulness to His people daily.

Write down and meditate on one of God’s Characters: God’s faithfulness today

Scripture Worship: Psalm 76

Scripture Memory: I memorize scripture for a month, this month “Matthew 6:19-21”

Daily Devotion Reading: I am reading “Jesus Calling by Sarah Young”

God’s Promise Today: I read John 14:27

Spiritual Goal in life: My spiritual goal is to keep my mouth on Jesus and not on others

Ultimate Goal in Life: I desire to worship God daily in my heart

Daily Goal Today: I desire to hear, obey, and follow You Holy Spirit

Speak it now!: I am blessed, healed, and highly favored by God!

Healing Confession: I am healed by Jesus’ stripes!

The Lord’s Prayer: I read Matthew 6:9-13 in a personal way

The Lord’s Supper: I read I Corinthians 11:23-26

Read Psalm 23: I read and remind myself that Jesus is my Shepherd

Read Matthew 18:18: Jesus gave me this authority, and I use it in my prayer

Pray Matthew 18:18 for someone: I pray for whoever the Holy Spirit put on my heart

My Personal Confession Today: I love You Jesus!!

Prayer Focus: I pray “Numbers 6:24-26” for the city and people of Jerusalem

Ending Song: God’s Life, Nature, and Ability

Pause: Doing this time I meditate on God’s faithfulness as led by Holy Spirit

Record what God spoke to you: “I am with you through all trials you face today”

Updates on our Bible Study Context

Bible Study context:

Week # 1 “Meditation involves three Activities”

Week # 2 “Effective Meditation has four Requirements”

Week # 3 “Meditation includes three Steps”

Week # 4 “Meditation in Prayer”

Week # 5 “How to Meditate on God’s Word”

Week # 6 “Scriptures on Meditation”

Week # 7 “Conclusion”

From the study of Dr. Charles Stanley

“As we meditate on God’s Word”

Trembling at God’s Word

KEY PASSAGE: Isaiah 66:1-2 | SUPPORTING SCRIPTURES: Psalms 23; 119:105, 111, 114, 130, 165 | Isaiah 40:8; 66:1-2 John 3:16; 14:27 | Romans 10:9 | 1 Peter 1:23 | 1 John 5:14-15


The reason the world has become so immoral and dangerous is because society has rejected God and His laws, commandments, and principles. Many people today think their ideas are better than His, and they don’t want Him telling them how to live. However, God’s instructions were given to us for our good, and any society will benefit from following them. But when a civilization chooses to ignore or reject the Lord’s precepts, an increasingly corrupt culture results. Our responsibility as Christians is to make a positive contribution to our society by proclaiming, honoring, and living in accordance with God’s Word.


Despite the corrupt condition of our world, God has never lost control.

He is still sovereign over His creation, declaring that heaven is His throne, and that earth is His footstool (Isa. 66:1-2). Even Solomon’s temple, which was constructed for His glory, could not contain Him. He’s not impressed by what we build and accomplish but by those who are humble and contrite of spirit and who tremble at His Word (v. 2). Throughout history, the Lord has preserved the purity of the Scripture, and today we have a wide variety of translations available to us. But do we really tremble at God’s Word? This simply means to honor, respect, and hold the Scripture in awe knowing that these are the very words of almighty God. If we are humble and contrite, we’ll recognize our need for His Word and be willing to yield to its authority in such a way that it affects and changes us. Scripture is our most precious possession, and we demonstrate how much we value and honor it every time we read and obey it.

The Attitude of the Person Who Trembles at God’s Word:

A Longing to Hear It:

When we value the Scriptures, we come to church with a desire to hear truths from the Lord. As we’re taught, we follow along in the passage, listen carefully, and write down whatever the Lord lays on our hearts so we won’t forget. But this is not just a Sunday commitment. If we truly tremble at God’s Word, we’ll read it every day, asking Him for direction and guidance.

A Desire to Believe it:.

Because the Lord is trustworthy and true, we can always believe what He says. By reminding Him of the promises we’ve read in His Word, we are able to pray with confidence, expecting Him to hear us and answer our requests when we ask anything according to His will (1 John 5:14-15).

An Intention to Obey It:

Trembling at God’s Word involves more than just reading and desiring it—the Lord expects us to obey it. This is our daily spiritual nourishment, and without it we’ll grow weak morally, spiritually, emotionally, and sometimes even physically. But when we read and obey His commands and principles, we’ll be strengthened in our walk with Christ. The Lord has blessed us by offering His thoughts and words so we can know what He expects of us.

The Benefits of Reading God’s Word:

When we humble ourselves before the Word, acknowledging that it is given to us by the living God, we will receive the following blessings:

God’s Word leads us to salvation:

Although many of us came to Christ by hearing about Him from another person, the way of salvation is clearly revealed by simply reading the Bible (John 3:16; Rom. 10:9). We are all saved by believing the truth of Scripture whether we read it ourselves or are taught it by someone else (1 Pet. 1:23).

The Scripture guides our steps:

Psalm 119:105 says, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” If we read and heed the Lord’s instructions, He will show us where to go, what to say, and how to make decisions. His Word also reveals when we’re heading in the wrong direction and warns us of the consequences of continuing down that path.

God’s Word directs us to wisdom:

“The unfolding of Your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple” (Ps. 119:130). Scripture is our greatest protection. It’s like a shield before us, guarding our way and warning of danger. But if we neglect reading and obeying the Word, we won’t be able to distinguish right from wrong.

It lifts our burden:

Because the Lord is interested in every aspect of our lives, we can run to His Word in our pain, grief, loneliness, or sickness and receive strength and help in our time of trouble (Ps. 119:114).

The Word of God brings joy:

If we love the Word, we’ll find great joy and comfort in reading it (Ps. 119:111). When facing tough situations and discouragement, our first response will be to open the Scripture. Even if we don’t know where to read, the Lord will guide us to a passage that can restore our hope and joy. And if we don’t have a Bible with us, He can bring to mind the verses that we’ve stored in our hearts. Once we experience how the Scripture can change sorrow into joy, our love for the Lord and His Word will increase and overflow in praise and gratitude.

The Scripture gives peace:

Perhaps the most desired possession in the world is peace, but it can only be found in the Lord. “Those who love Your law have great peace, and nothing causes them to stumble” (Ps. 119:165). Peace means to be bound to something, and when that something is the Word of God, we are bound to Him and experience the peace Jesus promised to His disciples (John 14:27). God honors and is committed to blessing those who respect and love His precious Word. It is the most valuable possession we own because it is His written message to us. From Genesis to Revelation it reveals the mind and heart of God. Everything else will pass away, “but the word of our God stands forever” (Isa. 40:8). The Lord is still on His throne and continues doing what He’s promised in His Word. When we believe and obey it, our lives are transformed.


How important is God’s Word to you? How do your actual practices support or contradict your perception of its priority in your life?

The Scripture is our spiritual nourishment, but sometimes we don’t have much of an appetite because we’ve filled up with worldly “junk food.” What kinds of “junk foods” rob you of your appetite for God’s Word? What practices or habits do you need to put aside and which ones do you need to put in place in order to acquire a taste for the truly nourishing bread of the Word?

What are some of the benefits you have personally experienced by reading and obeying God’s Word?

Bible Study: Meditating on God’s Word

Week # 1


Lord God, we are so honored to be Your children. We give You praise and thanks. You are worthy to be praised. Bless our time with You today in a mighty way, bless Your presence to be with us as we meditate on Your Word, amen.

Scripture: Joshua 1:8; Joshua 1:8-9; Psalm 63:6; Psalm 119:148; Isaiah 9:7

Lesson: “Meditation involves three Activities”

Listen: “It takes more than just reading the Bible to grow spiritually. When you learn how to meditate on the Word of God, you can move into a believing faith that always receives!”

As Christians many of us read our Bible and pray, but are we meditating on God’s Word? And do we even know what this means?

When the Lord called Joshua to lead Israel after Moses’ death, He told him, “This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it” (Joshua 1:8).

The Lord wanted to fill Joshua’s heart with the Word so he would know precisely what to do and how to lead the people according to God’s standards and commands. And that’s exactly what He wants to do in our lives as well. If we’ll meditate on Scripture, the Lord will unfold for us His truths and instructions.

Meditation involves three activities:

1). Shut out the world. That means no television, phone calls, or other outside distractions.

2). Shut ourselves up to God. Meditation is not a group activity but a private time alone with the Lord.

3). Focus our attention on a passage of Scripture. This is not just a casual reading of God’s Word before heading out the door, but a private conversation with the Lord. We begin by asking Him to reveal what He wants to say to us. Then we listen for His instructions and guidance while reading, thinking, and praying about the passage.

Dedicate Your Mind:

Philippians 2:5 says, “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.”

To have the mind of Christ does not mean that we are infallible, that we can “play God.” To have the mind of Christ means to look at life through the Savior’s point of view, looking at life through His values and the desires in His mind. Glory to God!

It means to think God’s thoughts, and not think as the world thinks; and in order to do that we must mediate on God’s Word, amen.

Each study lesson Includes: Setting aside a time:

Daily Exercises: Personal Time with God



Write down and meditate on one of God’s Characters:

Scripture Worship:

Scripture Memory:

Scripture Reading:

Daily Devotion Reading:

God’s Promise Today:

Spiritual Goal in life:

Ultimate Goal in Life:

Daily Goal Today:

Speak it Now:

Healing Confession:

The Lord’s Prayer:

The Lord’s Supper:

Read Psalm 23:

Read Matthew 18:18

Pray Matthew 18:18 for someone:

My Personal Confession Today:

Prayer Focus:

Ending Song:


Record what God spoke to you:

Your Assignment: Questions:

1). To you, what do meditating on God’s Word means?

2). Did you spend time with God today?

3). Read Joshua 1:8; Joshua 1:8-9; Psalm 63:6, 119:148, and Isaiah 9:7

4). Which scriptures touched your heart the most, Explain

5). Which one of God’s characters you mediated on today?

6). Name the three activities involved in meditation.

7). What do dedicating your mind means?

8). Set quietly and mediate on Philippians 2:13.


“Meditating on God’s Word:


Father God, which are in heaven and in our hearts, we come to You with a grateful heart that You have provided for us to worship You in spirit and truth. Thank You for all You do for Your people. Thank You for the plan to prosper us, and not to harm us, plan to give us hope, peace, and a good future always. Bless us to study this with an open heart, and a good understanding of Your Word. Help us to meditate on Your Word day and night. Give to us everything we need in this study to know Your Word, and to apply it to our lives forever. AMEN.

A study of Dr. Charles Stanley:

If you aren’t serious about being a follower of Jesus, you will not be interested in most of what is found in this study. Meditating on the Word of God – not to be confused with the "mind-emptying meditation" of eastern religions, but this involves actively thinking about what God says – learning it, understanding it, and applying it to one’s life.

You cannot be lazy or merely "religious," if you want to meditate on God’s Word. It requires effort – and a willingness to change – to go beyond mere "religion," to the point of being a genuine disciple (follower) of Jesus.

Remember that Jesus (as well as the rest of the Bible) warns us that merely hearing or knowing the Word does not cause a person to belong to God. Rather, it is the one who hears God’s Word and does what it says, (James 1:22), who belongs to God. Everyone else is still dead in sin – even the "religious church-goers" who do not do what the Bible says. These lessons will help you to set aside some time to spend with God as you meditate on His Word. You will need a journal to follow through with these lessons, so you can write down what you do each day in your quiet time with God, alone with each lesson each week.

Each study lesson Includes: Questions, setting aside quiet time with God, prayer, and daily exercises: these will be the exercises; Sing a song: Pray a prayer in your heart: Write down and meditate on one of God’s Characters: as such “God’s goodness, God’s love, God’s mercy, God’s faithfulness, God’s peace, God’s praises, and much more. You will do Scripture Worship: Scripture Memory: Scripture Reading: Daily Devotions of your choice, Readings of God’s Promise for you today: Spiritual Goal in life: Ultimate Goal in Life: Daily Goal Today: Speak it Now exercises: Healing Confessions: The Lord’s Prayer: The Lord’s Supper: You will read Psalm 23: Read Matthew 18:18 Pray Matthew 18:18 for someone daily: Your personal Confession for today: Prayer Focus: and Ending Song: You will Pause and listen for God’s voice: Record what God speaks to you through His Holy Spirit.

I enjoy my daily quiet time with God! It has helped me to live these past ten years with peace and faith in God. Please believe me when I say this, you will experience interruption because the enemy will not like this, but remember you are an overcomer who put on their armor every morning. Enjoy the study on “Meditating on God’s Word.” God bless you and keep you in peace, amen.

Bible Study context:

Week # 1 “Meditation involves three Activities”

Week # 2 “Effective Meditation has four Requirements”

Week # 3 “Meditation includes three Steps”

Week # 4 “Meditation in Prayer”

Week # 5 “How to Meditate on God’s Word”

Week # 6 “Trembling at God’s Word”

Week # 7 “Conclusion”

Standing On God's Word

His Word will Stand

The Prodigal’s Journey to being Gracefully Undone

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