Chosendia History:

Chosendia DeskGod has chosen, called, and anointed Evangelist Claudia to be a passionate personal care giver.  In her calling by God to care for the elderly God has blessed her to share with them His grace and mercy that can only come from Him.    She has lived with many elderly in their homes. She has lived with couples, groups of women, and with one as their companion.  She believes that (I Peter 5:7) is God speaking to her concerning the elderly needing someone who have compassion to care for them with a heart that God ordained.  God loves the elderly just as much as He loves others.  Where God’s Word says, “Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you,” it is referring to a person allowing God to use them to care for the elderly when they can’t take care of themselves.  She is constantly allowing God to use her to love them until He call them to be with Him.  She believes that whatever you do, work at It with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men only, since you know that you will receive your reward from Him, not from man.  In knowing her we have found her to be a caring nurse to her companions as serving the Lord.  There is no problem when it comes to recommending her to another family.  She has worked as a personal live-in care-giver for over fifteen years, and has lived with them from nine months to five years at a time. The families has showed their love in many ways.  If you need her please call or email her.




My Heart:   Dear Love Ones:

I am a highly capable live-in Care Giver seeking an employment opportunity to care for your elderly love one. I have my resume for your consideration if needed.
I believe that my skills and my outgoing personality will enable me to contribute a lot to the situation in your love one’s life. I am confident I can provide the care you expect from a personal live-in care giver.

I would like to thank you in advance for your time and any consideration you may give me. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you once again.

In His Care always


Skill Summary:
Personal care giver to elderly. Trained to bathe, feed, cook, and clean properly through Home Health Aide Services of Connecticut.  C.P.R. and Nurse’s Aide skills if needed. Ability to manage home, administrate medicine to patient. Ability to utilize computer. Ordained minister’s skills. Secretary skill.

Education and Training:

Computer programming 2006, Bachelor Degree in Christian Counseling 2002;Certificate of Ordination in Ministry 1983. Some College; Accounting 1 and 2; H. S. Diploma-Middletown High School; Middletown, Connecticut; Nursing School (1986); Social Worker and Secretary (1970s)

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