1). Read Psalm 18:32-36, explain what you find.

To me, this is the armor of God according to King David. God is our help at all times.

2). Why should we put on the whole armor of God?

We put on the whole of armor of God in order to stand firm against the attacks of our enemy, Satan.

3). What is this piece “breastplate” is design for?

It is specially designed by God to protect our hearts and souls from evil and deception, because our righteous acts are no match for Satan’s attacks (Isaiah 64:6).The breastplate of righteousness has Christ’s name stamped on it, as though He said, “Your righteousness isn’t sufficient to protect you. Wear mine.”
4). Putting on the armor of God requires a_______.

This requires a decision on our part.

5). Read Matthew 6:33, explain this concerning the armor.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” God always comes first in our personal lives, we are to pray and seek His face about everything, so He can defend us in all matters.

6). Share another way we put on our armor.

Another way we put on our armor is to obey God.

7). When armor is abused or worn incorrectly, it can____.

If this is worn incorrectly, it can malfunction.

8). There several factors that can interfere with the effectiveness of our spiritual breastplate, name some.

Carelessness (1 Peter 5:8), unbelief (Hebrews 3:12), abusing grace (Romans 6:1–2), or disobedience (1 John 3:4; Hebrews 4:6) can hinder our ability to stand firm and defeat the enemy in our lives.

9). Putting this breastplate on is practicing what?

It is setting a stand of what we believe in God in our hearts. When we practice putting on this armor, our choices become more righteous, and these godly choices also protect us from further temptation and deception as said in (Proverbs 8:20; Psalm 23:3).

10). When we don’t have an intimate relationship with God, how does this affects us?

If we don’t spend time with God, this allow earthly concerns to crowd out time for God, then our relationship cannot grow. And, taking off this piece minimize the power we need to protect us.

11). Reading the study book gives us the heart of the matter, what is it?

The heart of the matter is to guard our hearts above all else, and it is the source of life for us.

12). Between perfect, comparative, and imputed righteousness, which one defines us?

“Perfect righteousness discourage us; comparative righteousness deceive us; imputed righteousness defines us and declares us innocent before all accusers.” Glory to God!

13). What is God doing right now to help you do what you cannot do?

WOW!! I have been so busy with work, and this is one thing God is doing in my life right now; He is helping me keep my mind stayed on Him. Trust Him always, and to stay focus and keep on the whole armor of God.

14). Meditating on God’s Word help you in what way?

Oh my, I try to meditate every day, but sometimes I can’t. It helps me to stay focus. It help me to stay strong in God, because in His presence my whole being is renewed. I feel so different when I meditate on God’s Word and Who God is in my life, and what He is doing in my life. Truly, He is awesome! I had all the prayer warriors to pray for me concerning my retirement, and God has answered that prayer. I believe I am headed in the right direction concerning His will for me right now.

15). What did you get out of this week’s strategy session?

Keep your mind on Jesus, and do what God’s Holy Spirit led you to do, and that is, to put on the whole armor of God daily. We are to walk in love, just as Christ also loved us. Christ gave Himself for us and we are to give up ourselves to for the glory of God in our lives; we must remember that the old man is dead and gone, and we no longer a slave to the flesh, to sin, to unrighteousness. I have been made free in Christ Jesus with new life. AMEN!!