Living a life of truth and righteousness is what God desire of us. God’s truth is so important to our relationship with Him. I learn that truth is not open to reevaluation or redefinition, but truth is a clearly defined entity, the ultimate reality, which resides in the God of the universe, the God of all creation, the God of truth and righteousness. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life; (John 14:6).” Our waist is in the middle of our body; it is there to protect from the top to the bottom of our being. The belt of truth is our protection; that is why we must not fall for the falsehood of Satan strategy. The enemy’s strategies are against our focus, our passion, our identity, our family, our confidence, our calling, our purity, our rest, our hearts, and against our relationships with others and God. The church is the presence of God on earth through which He continues to wage warfare and claim the victory that has already been secured in His beloved Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Our can be and I am an overcomer through Jesus Christ my Lord. My whole life is in His hand to protect as I trust in Him. I stand in the Lord! I am a warrior protected by the Divine Warrior Jesus Christ, who has won the battle.