Speak Lord Jesus

Do everything in dependence on Me. The desire to act independently apart from Me springs from the root of pride. Self-sufficiency is subtle, insinuating its way into your thoughts and actions without your realizing it. But apart from Me, you can do nothing: that is, nothing of eternal value. My deepest desire for you is that you learn to depend on Me in every situation. I move heaven and earth to accomplish this purpose, but you must collaborate with Me in this training. Teaching you would be simple if I negated your free will or overwhelmed you with My power. However, I love you too much to withdraw the godlike privilege I bestowed on you as My image-bearer; Use your freedom wisely, by relying on Me constantly. Thus you enjoy My presence and My peace.

Read: John 15:5; Ephesians 6:10; Genesis 1:26, 27.