Jesus, my Lord and Savior, help us to become obedient and be like a child so we might enter into You Kingdom. As we study these lessons help us to be obedient to Your Word we study in these lessons. Jesus, come what may, help us to never leave Your love. Give us the child-like trust to keep ourselves in Your love. Obedience is better than all sacrifices as we read in Your Word. Father, we are praying for all Prayer Warriors, and others in our circle of family or friends to choose to live in obedience to the Word…Help them be those who faithfully obey You. May they/we desire to obey You and what You ask of us in Your Word as an expression of our love for Jesus. Your Word says we are slaves to what we obey, so I ask You to help them/me become slaves to obedience, the obedience that leads to right living and holiness. (Deuteronomy 28:11a; John 14:15; Romans 6:16, 18, 19b) Open our eyes to see the wonderful truths of the Bible, and teach us to choose the way of truth, setting our hearts to live as You say we should live. May we be eager to learn what You want us to do, for You have set our hearts free! (Psalm 119:18, 30, 32) Teach us to follow Your commands; help us to understand them. Give us the desire to obey You with all our hearts. Take away our foolish desires. (Psalm 119:33–34, 37) May we love You and follow Your commands, for they’ll not too difficult. In every weakness, Christ, who was obedient even to death, is their strength! And You are faithful to bring us through every temptation;(1 John 5:2; Philippians 4:13; 2:8b; 1 Corinthians 10:13). In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.


Weekly reading assignments: (Hebrews 7-8)

Bible Study reading

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