Father God, Your is the Kingdom, and the glory, and all power belongs to You forever and ever. We praise You for who You are to us today. You are the majesty and glory of all creation. Blessed be our God. Glory Hallelujah to our God and Creator! Thank You Jesus for laying aside Your glory in Heaven to come to this earth and save us from our sins. Thank You, Lord, for Your Shekinah Glory today on our lives. Thank You for not forgetting us, and for providing and protecting us each and every day. We see Your glory and how it is declared in the heaven above and all over this universe. Father God, help us to stay connected with You and our Savior, so we can see the glory that will be revealed to us when Jesus return soon. We praise You for all You do to help us today. You are our Shepherd, and we shall not want for anything because of Your power and glory here in earth as it is in Heaven. We pray Your Word daily in our lives to operate as Your will be done. For Yours is the Kingdom, the power, and the glory forever and ever. AMEN.