Weekly Reading Assignment: (Acts 27-28)

I have finished my weekly reading assignment!

Ending Prayer:

Heavenly Father, I look to heaven in adoration to You. I pray that our love for You will continue to grow as we study Your Word. Jesus, You are our Lord and Savior. We adore You so much. We need the Holy Spirit to continue to help us in every way. Father God, bless us with divine revelation of Your Word, in Jesus’ name. Help us Lord to always ask, seek, and knock according to Your will for our life. Let Your plan be our plan in Jesus’ name. We honor Who You are, God; for You are everything to us; You are the very essence of our being and our breathing. We acknowledge that if You hold Your breath we would stop breathing; Thank You for breathing for us, Lord God Almighty. Hallelujah to You, glory be to You, we praise You, we honor You in praise and worship; Glory Hallelujah to our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Father of all. AMEN.