12). What have you learn about temptation?

I have learn if we step out of God’s will we may be tempted and can’t escape it, but if we stay in God’s will and trust Him, we can be tempted and He will make a way for us to escape it with joy in our hearts. I have learned that God doesn’t tempt us, but the evil one Satan do. We must walk in the fruit of the Spirit every day and every minute of the day, so we will endure and receive God’s gift. Also, God is with us and He will never leave us even through our trials and the temptation we may experience. We can trust Him to deliver us from all evil, and from the evil one. When we understand the nature of temptation, we discover why we should pray that God would keep us from them. God’s Holy Spirit warns, and we must take heed, and He warns us of evil if we would just seek Him daily in prayer.