(Acts 21-22)

I have read this week’s reading assignment! I enjoyed it!

Ending Prayer:

Father God, Your grace and mercy has set me free from holding unforgiveness in my heart. I want to praise You and thank You too. I pray for everyone in this community to come to You when they need forgiveness and when they need to forgive, so they can make that connection with You. Glory to God! God, help us to know we need You more than we need anyone else. Thank You, God, that you offer redemption for all of us for our hearts, our life, and our circumstances. Help us to trust You fully in the redemption process so that we can enjoy the benefit of forgiveness in this life, which has been changed by You. We can not forgive if You did not help us, Lord. In our weakness, Lord, be our strength. Reveal Yourself through us in this community so that we can join You in accomplishing Your work. We praise You, Lord Jesus Christ. Grant us the healing hearts to always forgive others as You have forgiven us. In Jesus’ name we pray, AMEN.