Weekly Reading Assignment: (Acts 17-18)

I have read my reading assignment for this week; good reading about the Apostle Paul missionary journey from Thessalonica to Corinth; This was the end of his second missionary journey, and the start of the third missionary journey.

Sharing From the Heart at Christmas:

We must be careful in judging others concerning Christmas time or the celebration of Christmas. Let’s not get caught up in this, because it will bring division in the church/believers/God’s people as a whole. We don’t celebrate the day, but what happen at that time in history for our sake. It is too precious that is why the enemy bring confusion so we want come together as the Bride of Christ. He died for us let’s not take away from showing Him we appreciate what He did. Let’ put aside the confusion and celebrate Him every day even on 12/25; it shows our love for Him and the time it happen. AMEN.