Father God, as this New Year comes in help us to be renewed in the spirit of our minds. Holy Spirit, help us to remember years passed that God gave us so much, God provided so much for us, Jesus did so much for us, and the You, Holy Spirit kept us. We are so grateful. My God and my Father, forgive us for complaining about anything. Grumbling comes as naturally to us as weeds to a garden. Help us, Lord, to replace grumbling with gratitude. Help us say, thank You, Lord, for the sun, moon, and stars; for the beauty of the earth, for the glory of the skies, for the love which You give. This New Year help us to say, thank You, Lord, for the little blessings of the day. Thank You, Lord, for the greater blessings of life, for every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places through Christ. Lord, thank You for all You do for us; we pray this in the precious name of Jesus. AMEN.