(This is our last week of our praise pattern)

 How should we praise God?

One way to praise the LORD is to thank Him daily in prayer for supplying our daily physical needs. We should also thank Him for the satisfying and refreshing bread and water of life. Songs of worship and thanksgiving also praise God. It is good to sing aloud at Christian gatherings.

Their words prompt us first to identify God’s many blessings, and then to treasure them. Surely God is worthy of intelligent praise. When we bless God we are doing more than praising Him.  The Psalmist first called upon his own soul, then the Psalmist next calls on all men to praise the LORD.

Praising and rewarding children for their achievements are often used to increase children’s motivation. Praise is more effective when it is specific and when parents and carers are mindful of how and when they praise. When praising children, it is most important to focus on their efforts and achievements.