Matthew 6:5-15


Beginning Prayer:

Praise the Lord, today is Thanksgiving! Father God, we come to praising You and honoring You and thanking You and loving You for Who You are today in our lives; it’s a blessing to be able to know You, and honor You, and respect You as our Lord and Savior of the world. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in us as it is in Heaven. We love You Lord Jesus for coming to this earth and dying for our sin and making a way for us to come to the Father when we need too. Right now, Lord, we ask for a blessing on everyone we know and those we don’t know, so they can live a blessed life in You. This we pray in Jesus’ Mighty Name. AMEN.

 Subject:       The Lord’s Prayer:  (Hallowed be Thy name) Continue:

 . …Hallowed Be Your Name Now let us turn to the last great statement made in the introduction: “Hallowed be Your name.” More correctly translated, it should read, “Let Your name be made holy.”

The name of God stands for all that God is. When the Lord was leading the children of Israel out of Egypt through the wilderness, He sent His angel and told them, “I want you to obey Moses; do what he 11 tells you because My name is in him” (see Exodus 23:21). That means all that God is—all that God stands for—is in His name. There is a very interesting verse in Leviticus: “And whoever blasphemes the name of the LORD shall surely be put to death” (Leviticus 24:16). The name of God was so reverent to the children of Israel that they did not even pronounce it. In their long history they completely lost its pronunciation. Consequently, no one knows today the pronunciation of that mystical tetra grammaton, YHWH. We have it translated “Jehovah”—some say it is “Yahweh”—who is right? No one knows! And why do we not know? Because the name of God was so holy, so sacred, and demanded such reverence that the children of Israel dared not even pronounce it. In conservative circles today there is a familiarity with the name of God that ought not to be. You and I become too familiar with things that are sacred and holy, and we need to be very careful in this. It is tragic when a man or woman out on the street takes Gods name in vainbut the thing that is more tragic is the blasphemy of the sanctuary. And do you know what that is? It is the thing of which I am continually reminding myself. We who walk into the pulpit do so with such frequency that we become familiar with it. We can brush against holy and sacred things so constantly that they can become commonplace. When a guest speaker comes to our pulpit, I always observe his manner as he approaches the sacred desk. And you who come to the pew—you do well to be reverent in His presence in the house that has been dedicated to Him. God, deliver us from treating as commonplace the things that are sacred before You! But let us think upon the way in which you and I can make Gods name holy. Can we add to that which is already infinitely holy? Certainly not. Then what did our Lord mean by the statement, Hallowed be Your name”? We are sure that He meant more than that we should arise in some Sunday morning service and repeat with the others, “Hallowed by Your name.” He meant that by our lives we are to make Gods name holy. There are two men whose names are mentioned in Genesis: One was a disgrace to the name of God, and the other commended the name of God. These two men had one characteristic in common—they always built an altar where they chose to dwell. When Abraham went into Canaan, a Canaanite passing by observed that they had a new neighbor for he had seen his altar. Everywhere Abraham went, he built an altar to God. And Abraham began to do business with the Canaanites who found him to be honest. They found that everything Abraham said invited their confidence. Finally they reached the conclusion that the God whom Abraham worshiped was a holy God, and surely the name of God was made holy in Canaan because of the life of Abraham. But when Jacob started out, he could not be trusted. Do not attempt to explain away the first part of his life, for it held only dishonor. Two things always marked the path over which he had gone: He had built an altar and he had defrauded someone. One day God met him as he was In-route—he was alone and God led him down by the brook Jabbok. And God told Jacob that he could not continue conducting himself in that manner, for Gods name must be made holy. And God caused the socket of Jacobs leg to be dislocated. I believe that God will do that today for anyone of His children who is bringing dishonor to His name. Paul said to his people in that day, “…the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you…” (Romans 2:24). My fundamental friend, my premillennial brother, let us go to the top of yonder mountain where He gave the Sermon on the Mount—we need to go there. We must have men and women who name the name of God and whose lives correspond to it! I commented to a friend of mine, “If I ever leave the ministry—and there are times when I am tempted to do it—it will not be due to a loss of faith in the Book.” There was a time when I had doubts about the Bible, but today I do not have a single doubt; I am willing to stake the eternal destiny of my soul upon the accuracy of the Bible. I believe it with all my heart. If I ever leave the ministry, it will be because of leaders who profess to know the name of God but blaspheme that name in their living. Go to the top of the mountain and listen as He reveals His will. I know we are not saved by the Sermon on the Mount, but you and I can make His name holy by reading it and abiding therein. I know it is a ministry of condemnation, but it will cause us to flee to Jesus for refuge, for salvation, deliverance, and power; and we will become Gods child by faith in Jesus Christ that we might be enabled to make His name holy in our living. Are you hallowing Gods name in your daily life?

 Week # 5

Prayers from the Bible:

Weekly Pattern:      Praise

(This is our last week of our praise pattern)


1).     Do you honor God’s Name, explain?

2).    What do Jehovah means?

3).    Do you think its wrong to honor God’s Name

4).    Why must we honor God’s Name as we do Jesus’ Name?   

5).    What Name are we saved by?

6).    Why is so much confession when it comes to honoring God’s Name as we do Jesus’ Name?       

7).    Our faith should be in Who? 

8).    Is honoring God’s Name a religion or a way to worship Him as the only true God?

 Weekly Song:  (Matthew 26:30)

Weekly Praise:        God You are Awesome

Let’s Hallow His name by rehearsing Who He is:

Weekly Reading Assignment: (Acts 9-10)

Ending Prayer: