1. Throughout his life David composed many songs. They are called___________________.
  2. The Book of Psalms


  1. Why did God punish David with wars that would never end?

The consequences for David’s sins were spelled out and fulfilled precisely. Because David used the sword to strike down Uriah the Hittite, God said the sword would not depart from David’s dynasty. The sword was often employed in David’s dynasty. His son, Absalom, would kill another son, Amnon. Absalom would seek to overthrow David, and thus David would have to fight against Absalom and his forces to defend his kingdom. Joab would kill Absalom. Adonijah would seek to established himself as king in David’s place, and Solomon would eventually have him executed. (1 Kings 1 and 2)


  1. Which Psalms did David compose for God that is still being used in churches today?
  2. Psalm 51


  1. Who was Bathsheba?

Bathsheba was King David’s third or forth wife


  1. Why was David made King, even though saul was still alive?

I am not sure, but I would think because God wanted Saul taken down from being king over His people.

  1. How did David displease God?

David displeased God when he committed sin and covered it up, not asking for forgiveness until  Nathan came to him.


  1. Did God make a covenant with David and establish the throne of his kingdom forever?

Yes, He did!  The promise that David’s “house,” “kingdom,” and “throne” will be established forever is significant because it shows that the Messiah will come from the lineage of David and that He will establish a kingdom from which He will reign. The covenant is summarized by the words “house,” promising a dynasty in the lineage of David; “kingdom,” referring to a people who are governed by a king; “throne,” emphasizing the authority of the king’s rule; and “forever,” emphasizing the eternal and unconditional nature of this promise to David and Israel.