1. Who became jealous after the crowd was singing and rejoicing in David’s name? (Saul)

2. Who tried to kill David with a spear , he was able to get away.

B. Saul

3. Who helped David get away and escape Saul’s plot to kill him?

C. Jonathan

4. Why did David eave and return to live in the land of the Philistines ?

First Samuel 26 ended with Saul offering David an invitation to return with him, but David sensed that Saul was not presenting him with a legitimate offer of reconciliation. David departed from Saul, and, to our amazement, he decides to go live among the Philistines (vv. 1-2). David rightly believes that Saul will not come after him in Philistia, since bringing a 3000 man army into that region to track down a fugitive would be interpreted by the Philistines as an act of war. His plan worked according to verse 4.

5. At the request of Saul, who was brought back from the dead?

6. The next day, when the Philistines attacked Saul and his _______ were caught and killed.

C. Sons

7. David announced that when Jerusalem which was inhabited by Jebusites would bear his name: he called it the City of David

A. True