My answers………………………………….

1). Name one thing David did in obedience to God.

David wanted to build the house of God, but God warn him not too. David obeyed God and prepared his son Solomon to build the house of God. It probably was hard been the king, but he obeyed.

2). According to John 2:4, who is a liar?

They that do not keep God’s commandments

3). Name same biblical characters who was strong and did exploits.

Nehemiah (remember him?), Joseph, Ruth, Elijah, Elisha, Paul, Esther, Phillip, and Noah (remember him?).

4). What do the word exploits means?

Make full use of and derive benefit from (a resource). It’s a bold or daring feat.

5). Who triumphantly defeated their enemies?

Those who do exploits in the name of the Lord, and those who are obedient to God and His commandments. AMEN.

6). Obedient is better than what?

As in 1 Samuel 15, the problem is not the offerings but the disobedience of God’s commands and the desire for approval of people rather than the approval of God.” “And Samuel said, Hath the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the Lord? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.”

7). Name something you know you have been obedient to God.

Staying on this job is one of them; Sometimes I want to leave but I know God sent me here, and I want leave until He say leave. It gets hard at time because of the situation, but I am trusting God with all my heart, and leaning not unto my own understanding; I acknowledge Him in all my ways and decision making. Glory to God!

8). What do obedience say about our hearts?

When we are obedient to God, then our heart is right with God. It says, “Lord, I love You!”

9). Is praying been obedient to God?

Yes it is, because God’s Word tells us to pray at all time, pray without ceasing, and it’s the way we talk to God.

10). Is reading the Word obedient to God?

Yes it is, because reading God’s Word keep us in communication with Him. God’s Word says, “Study to show yourselves approval unto God” (II Timothy 2:15).

11). Is loving your neighbor obedient to God?

Yes it is, because its God commandment, the first one at that too!!

12). Is obeying the law of the land obedient to God?

Yes it is! We must remember to include God in doing so, and God will guide in what to do if it’s against His will and His Word.