Bible Timeline

537 BC The Proclamation of Cyrus Ezra 1 537 BC The Exiles Return Ezra 2 535 BC Temple Work Begins Ezra 3 534 BC Adversaries Hinder Temple Work Ezra 4 534 BC Artaxerxes Orders Work Stopped Ezra 4:17 520 BC Tattenai’s Letter to Darius Ezra 5 520 BC Temple Work Resumed by Darius’ Decree Ezra 6 515 BC Completion and Dedication of the Temple Ezra 6:16 458 BC Ezra Journeys to Jerusalem Ezra 7 458 BC Ezra Commissioned by Artaxerxes Ezra 7:11 457 BC Families Return to Jerusalem with Ezra Ezra 8 457 BC Ezra’s reforms Ezra 9 456 BC Ezra’s Prayer About Intermarriage Ezra 10

God bless!

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