Our next Bible Study is coming soon: no date yet!

We will be studying “Re-building God’s Temple” by Ezra/Nehemiah; the most famous priest, writers, and leaders of the Israelites in Biblical time . Their example is a blessing to integrity and upright in heart. The re-building of the Temple of God was in their hearts no matter what. This study will be a blessing in knowledge of who they were, and spiritually of what we should do to be like them in re-building our temple for God’s Holy Spirit to dwell in. Some people think and teach not to consider the Old Testament too much, but if it were not for the Old Testament, the New Testament would not be here. The Old Testament is for our learning just as the New Testament is. The Old Testament is the prophecies of God’s plan; the New Testament is the fulfillment of those prophecies. I had chosen another study by another author, but God moved me to do some research and share what He placed on my heart. I am looking forward to the gaining of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of these men of God. See you soon………….