How does this love enter into your life?It becomes yours the moment you receive Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit comes to indwell your life. The Scripture says, "We feel this warm love everywhere within us because God has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love." God is Spirit and the "fruit of the Spirit is love…" In this study it’s explained that each of these descriptions of love is not an expression of the emotions, but what are they?I believe it’s of the will, and choice that God has given us. I have found myself in a situation that I just had to make up my mind to love that person no matter what. I made that decision because of what God had placed in me. The Spirit of God help us to love as we obey Him, amen. Explain some of the greatest things that happen when you discover God’s supernatural love. This is good! “Whites who have hated blacks and blacks who have hated whites have discovered God’s supernatural love for each other. Christian husbands and wives who were living in conflict have claimed God’s love by faith, and miracles have resulted. Parent-child struggles have been resolved and generation gaps have been bridged through loving by faith. Disputes in working situations have been resolved. Enemies cease to be enemies when you love them by faith. God’s love has a way of dissolving prejudice and breaking down barriers.”Week # 4 Quiz: Which of these is NOT one of Jesus’ teachings about love for God the Father?Above all else, observe the letter of the law in religious matters.