Study Questions: 

  1. Is the depth of God’s love real to you? If so, what affect does that realization have on your life? If not, what can you do to increase your realization of His love?

 I once had a problem knowing God’s love in my life, and down through the years I have learn to know that God loves me, I mean, I know in my knowner that God does loves me, not because of what I have done, not because of the color of my skin or the way I look, or how smart I am, but God love me as I am. He really loves me 

  1. How would you obey the command of John 13:34?

Sometimes it’s very hard to love others, especially living in this flesh, and the way others treat you. It’s hard!  This is when I think that love by faith comes in and enable us to love as God love. I pray at time like this. I always ask God to help me do what I cannot do, amen. God command me to love and I want to love, so I ask Him to help me love. Just look beyond the fault and see the need by a choice of will.

  1. How does 1 John 3:16-19 and 4:14-19 define real love?

Don’t love by giving things all the time, but just by heart felt love and deed with truth in our hearts. God dwell in us by His love for us through faith in Him, and this is how we have confident inside of us. This is our missionary message to the world. Give God’s Son to someone because we love them. Real love is giving of ourselves, amen.


3) According to Jesus, which of these is NOT a characteristic of those who truly love God?