1). What unusual method did Jesus use to heal the deaf man with an impediment of speech? (Mark 7:33)

B). Put His fingers into His ears.

2). What happened when Jesus touched the blind man the second time? (Mark 8:25)

B). Saw every man clearly.

3). What did Jesus do for Peter’s mother-in-law? (Mark 1:30-31)

D). None of the above.

Scripture Reading Mark 5

In Mark 5:30 what did Jesus say to the woman with the issue of blood?

D). Who touched my clothes?

According to this study: Questions

1). Read (Hebrews 13:8), explain what it means to you.

I can trust God because He is always with me. He promised me He would never leave, and would be with me as He was with the disciples. This means He is the same yesterday, today, and forever more.

2). The Scribes and Pharisees was doing to Jesus what Satan does to each one of us every day, what was that?

They were accusing Him just as Satan constantly accuses us daily.(Matthew 27:12; Mark 6:7; I Peter 3:16; Luke 6:7; Revelation 12:10).

3). Can you explain what Doctor Luke meant when he said, “And they were filled with madness?”

This word is used in its proper sense in Deuteronomy 28:34, John 10:20, 1 Corinthians 14:23. It also denotes a reckless state of mind arising from various causes, as over-study (Eccl 1:17; 2:12), blind rage ( Luke 6:11), or a depraved temper (Eccl 7:25 ; 9:3 ; 2 Pet 2:16 ). David feigned madness (1 Samuel 21:13 ) at Gath because he "was sore afraid of Achish."

4). What good did Jesus do as He traveled in His ministry?

The Bible said that Jesus went about doing good as to preaching, teaching, and healing all those who was sick as in (Matthew 4:23). Jesus healed then, and He still heals today.