This week’s Prayer:

Father God, we come to You thanking You for blessing our nation today. We need You to guide our nation into peace and safety. Help our nation to continue to support the nation of Israel in Jesus’ name. Help us, Lord, not to just say in God we trust, but to really trust You with all our hearts. Father God, help us to remember to give You thanks always, especially on Thanksgiving Day. Help us to reach out to our community, our family, our church, our nation, and to Israel too. We pray for the nation of Israel right now. Oh Lord, Send Your light into the darkness in this world. Prevent us getting into a war with Russia at any time. Stop the march of ISIS. Bring peace in the Middle East. And on our home front we pray for righteousness and mercy. We pray for a stop of abortion. Bless the efforts of those who are standing for life. And, Lord, we pray for our country to accept those Iraqi Christians who are asking asylum. Forgive our president for ignoring their pleas. Help our nation to change and stand with Israel, in Jesus’ Name, Amen

God bless!

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