1. T or F: The Bible gives no account of Jesus Christ ever being ill.


2. Choose the most Biblical response to this claim: "God never wants His people to be sick or infirm and since He has all power, He will always heal them."

D. God’s power to heal is limited by the strength of the faith of the person in need of healing.

3. This Biblical locale was known for its healing balm:

A. Gilead. (Jeremiah 8:22; 46:11)

Scripture Reading: Luke 17

In Luke 17:18, Jesus makes statement. What does he say?

C). “Was no one found to return and gives praise to God except this foreigner?”

According to this study: Questions:

1). How do you step out on God’s Word?

By trusting God’s Word and do what it says to do. Have faith in Jesus work He done while here on this earth, believe that you are healed by Jesus’ strips and stand firm in your faith.

2). Give a testimony on your stepping out on God’s Word.

I want make it long. I was off one weekend about a year ago, and while at the hotel I fail in the bathroom tube; I was so scare, I mean scare because I was alone, by myself, no one was there. I crawled to the bed to reach my cell phone, called my niece who was in town, like me for a family reunion. They, my family told me to stay still until they got there. I called the front desk and told them and they came to see about me, and then my family arrived and they helped me get to the chair; I damaged my knee real bad, it swelled, but I stood on God’s Word. I kept repeating “by Jesus’ stripes I am healed” over and over and over again. Yes, my family, especially those who do not believe in healing, wanted me to go the ER, no I say, I want to see God’s healing power in my life. I refused help, but it hurt so bad at first, they had to help me, those who believe admired what I was doing. My niece, my brother, my sister all helped me get dressed, and I went to have breakfast as I had planned. Thank God it was my left knee, my brother drove for me then, but I was able to drive, in pain, but I use tenacity that day, over looked the pain through the next two nights; my family didn’t let me stay at the hotel, so I stayed with my sister. I got up that Sunday morning and went back to work. My knee had swollen by this time, but I drove back to work (one hour); everyone tried to get me to go to the ER; NO, I said! It lasted for a few days, but I felt it when God healed me, and I was so happy!!! I stood on God’s Word and kept repeating (the Word). I have not had to go to the doctor, nor have I had any problems with my knee, and if the enemy tries to put that on me, I will stand on God’s Word again. Amen.

3). Have you been claiming and declaring the confessions at the end of the lessons?

I have, and yes, I will continue to confess God’s Word in my life.