Pray that Christians across the nation will persists in seeking God’s purpose for America beyond the elections, and that God, in His mercy will usher in transforming revival. (Ezekiel 37; Psalm 42:1)


America and all other countries who honor God would stand up now in Jesus’ name. We need to pray together, so God will bring revival in our lives personally.


Acknowledge with your heart that I do not condemn you. Then look to Me for My heavenly smile of approval

Week # 9 APPLY IT: A Daily Quiet Time with God

I did pray for my private quiet time, but was so busy couldn’t get here to post a prayer for the study, and then posted the wrong answers for this week’s study. The enemy has been busy, BUT GOD!! I serve an awesome God, amen. Our prayer request for this week is to pray for all Christians across the nations to persist in seeking God’s purpose for America and their country wherever they live, amen. Lord, help us to always pray for our leaders, and those in authority over us, in Jesus’ name. I pray for my sons Anthony, Michael, and Savalas today, and all my family and friends. I pray that God would keep us mindful of His will in our lives, amen. Lord, we ask for transforming revivals all over this world in Jesus’ name. Lord, I love my daily quiet time with You, because You strength me in these times, and I am so grateful for that. I need that touch from You. I praise and honor You, Lord Jesus Christ. I pray for Evangelist Ruthie West today and that You would continue to bless her and her family. AMEN.

Week # 9 Reading Assignments………………..Book of Genesis Chapters 41-45

I have finished reading the book of Exodus, and what a blessing it was to read those encouraging stories.