To be led by the Holy Spirit in all my decisions making after I have prayed to the Father for guidance.


Pray that those candidates who know Christ would openly and courageously speak of their faith and stand firm on their biblical principles. (Matthew 5:13-16)

Week # 8 APPLY IT: A Daily Quiet Time with God

Father God of heaven and earth, who created all things for Your good pleasure, we come to You in the Name of Jesus Your loving Son, asking You to bless the right candidate for this position to stand for holiness and righteousness for Your glory. We need a holy person to be in office to lead this nation for Your glory. Help us as Christian to stand up and pray, so that our nation will not go under any longer. Please, Father God, look on us today with Your favor, look on us with Your love, Your care as we know You to be. We remind You of Your favor You showed the Israelites in Bible days, they sinned, but You loved them so much, and forgive them and brought them out with a stretched our arm. Father God, our country need help today like never before. Help all leaders to open speak of their faith in You, not standing back or standing down to unrighteousness, in Jesus’ name. Bless all to stand firm in biblical principles for the sake of all, especially the next generation. We thank You, and praise You for answering all our prayers in Your good time, because You know all things. Thank You, Lord, AMEN.


Your prayers need not be pretty or proper. Just bring your petitions to Me.

Week # 8 Reading Assignments………………..Book of Genesis Chapters 36-40

I have finished my weekly assignment