1). Can you name some decisions Jesus had to make?

Yes, I can, Jesus made important decisions, like worshipping God instead of the devil, praying to His Father all the time, honoring His earthly parents, to be baptized by John the Baptist, to answer His divine calling, and to die for the world.

2). Why would Jesus pray all night?

He knew the opposition against him was strong. It would finally result in his crucifixion. He needed the strength to face the path that lay ahead of him. He wanted the father’s guidance as he selected the twelve disciples. They would carry his message after he was gone. They were the future of the church. It has been said that the most important decision in any organization are the people decisions. These men were essential to Jesus’ mission and purpose on earth. He knew that strategic decision required longer time to process.

3). Why is praying before making a decision is important to us?

Prayer keeps us in tune with God’s will and God’s purpose. It is important to know(God’s) will and His purpose He want to accomplish in our life and the world.

4). What kind of prayer was Habakkuk’s prayer in (Habakkuk 3:1-19)

This is a worship song to God to remind Him of His awesome deliverance of His people from Egypt, and a devotion to God’s attributes. It was a song of praise and honor to God in the form of a prayer.